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"Thanks for a great hunt. Everyone really enjoyed it and loved watching the dogs work. Derrick had never hunted over a dog and Dave is a regular uplander who puts out birds for his hunt club, so we had a nice mix of experience levels. All in all we had a great time."
-Dave Ohman Walton, NY on a February upland chukar hunt.
"Jaeger is doing well. He is retrieving from longer distances. On July 4th he was retrieving on state game lands from corn fields, diversion ditches, weed fields and cut barley fields. "
-Robert Lahr Central PA on his then five month old pup from DRL.
"She is wonderful.She has so much prey drive you wouldn't believe it. She always has to have something in her mouth and she is always proud of whateveer it is. She has the best personality, heels for my girlfriend and I couldn't be more thrilled with her. "
-Micah Werner Missouri on his 2006 DRL pup.
"We had a GREAT time and you may use me as a reference anytime!" 
-John Franco Larchmont, NY after a DRL hunt. 
"Besides her affection, the hunting skills my little dog has are incredible. I really could not have asked for a more complete dog." 
-Joe Sammarco Whippany, NJ on Tootsie 
"I've hunted guided hunts before but never with dogs as precise and well trained as yours. Excellent job ! See you again."
-Frank Arcamone Newtown, CT after his DRL bird hunt in March 2013.
"Thanks again for such a great dog. He is the best hunting companion and the best family dog ever."
-John House of New Jersey on his dog, Duff II.
Hey Mike, Thought you might be interested. She points,retrieves to hand and is now learning to range out a little further. She's one of the best dogs I've ever had. Thanks!
-Bill Teitsma of New Jersey on his seven month old pup, Callie.
Hi Mike, "Now, at about a year old, she is becoming an exceptional dog. A great companion, and most certainly a stellar hunter. At 52 pounds, she has amazing athleticism, holds point, flushes on command and retrieves was good as the best I've seen. Thanks, Mike, for producing some of the best dogs available anywhere in the USA.
-Mark and Karen Fichtler of Maryland on their DRL dog, Daenerys.
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