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Delaware River Labradors will accept a down payment of $200 on puppies prior to and after whelping. Preference as to gender and color will be honored in the order of receipt of the down payments.
The price of puppies varies according to the breeding. Expected or already whelped litters are listed on the Puppies Page and the related prices for that litter are there shown. Any balance is due at pick-up. 

Puppies will be tattooed, will have received all appropriate vaccinations, have the dew claws removed and will have health records accompanying the puppy.

Puppies have a 27 month health guarantee on heritable hip, elbow and eye defects. It is also guaranteed that your pup will be non-affected for Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). A copy of the guarantee must be signed by the buyer and returned to Delaware River Labradors to be valid.
All pups are exposed to the Early Neurological Stimulation or "Super Dog" program.
Pups will be exposed to loud, sharp noises (to help prevent gun shyness) and will be exposed to a housebreaking routine.
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