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Delaware River Labradors is deservedly proud of the puppies produced thus far. I have been breeding pointing Labrador puppies since 2003. These pups are talented, trainable and healthy. DRL pups will show all the energy expected from a field bred dog, but have an "off switch" once acclimated to the house.

DRL pups come from parents that have all appropriate health clearances. Hips and elbows are subject to OFA ratings. Eyes get checked through the CERF program.  Adult dogs are DNA tested for EIC, CNM and PRA and are all free of the D locus gene. That means no silvers, charcoals or champagnes. The pups come with a guarantee they will not be affected by either of these conditions that may occur with labradors. 


07/17/23 GMPR Kate came into heat yesterday and will be bred to 4X GMPR Satch in approximately two weeks. Pups are $200 and, should things all work out, be available for pick up in late November.

Satch tower shoot.JPG
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